Toyota tyre pressure and size guide

When it comes to car maintenance, many of us think only in oil changes and brake pads. But tyres also deserve our attention, since they’re the only part of our vehicles that actually touch the road surface.

Here we provide information concerning tyre law in the UK and inform you of the tyre sizes and preferred pressure levels for all of the models in the current Toyota passenger vehicle range.

1. What is the required tyre tread depth in the UK?

The UK government states that cars, light commercial vehicles and light trailers “…must have a tread depth of at least 1.6 mm across the central three-quarters of the breadth of the tread and around the entire circumference.”

2. Is there a general government recommendation for tyre pressure?

No, tyre pressure recommendations vary from car to car. Car manufacturers set the precedence for inflation levels.

3. Where can I check the pressures for my Toyota?

The tyre pressure for your Toyota will be listed in the vehicle handbook and in the driver-side door recess. If you have a MyToyota account, you can also check the pressure levels there.

4. What rules are there concerning tyre condition?

Your tyres should be free from certain cuts and other defects such as uneven tread wear and foreign objects (e.g. nails).

5. Why do pressure levels vary depending on wheel size?

Pressures vary because larger diameter wheels use lower profile tyres.  Low profile tyres have less rolling resistance and drag than higher walled tyres, so inflating them to the same level as high profile rubber can give a harsh ride and increase road noise.




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